MADE IN ITALY, STYLE, and COMFORT for your Dachshund are the three most important values for us to give you the best products in the market for your Dachshunds


All the materials used in every single Ludomoi piece is sourced directly from the best producers for luxury fashion in Italy. When you buy this brand, you are experiencing for yourself the excellence of the refined Italian savoir-faire and craftsmanship applied specifically for your Dachshund.

Every piece is made with the finest Italian wool and cashmere for clothing and metal and leather for accessories. All items are tested for quality control as they are being produced.


Stylish and design-led clothing and accessories for your Dachshund that are also aligned with today’s contemporary way of life. Each Ludomoi item is carefully designed with a refined, luxurious and unique style that can match the Dachshund owner’s. 


Every Ludomoi item is first designed for the comfort of your Dachshund in order to create a garment or accessory that perfectly fits the particular morphology of your Dachshund, with particular attention to the long back and short legs. All clothing is also made in 3 different sizes, one for each Dachshund type, standard, medium and kaninchen.