MADE IN ITALY, STYLE, and COMFORT for your Dachshund are the three most important values for us to give you the best products in the market for your Dachshunds


Alessandra, who has previously worked as a luxury fashion designer, founded the brand LUDOMOI because she could not find anything good enough for her own Dachshund, Ludovico, also called her best friend, muse, and model for all her products. She made her first sweaters for Ludo which were so highly appreciated that it inspired her to also make them for the Dachshunds of her designer, stylist and artist friends. 

It is made for professionals who work in the fashion world and who want an equally fashionable brand for their Dachshunds. We are proud to be famous as the first brand to create a luxury ≪ Total Look ≫ for stylish Dachshunds.

Our purpose is to make the most luxurious, fashionable and comfortable clothing and accessories for Dachshunds, who with their specific morphology, cannot simply wear an outfit designed for any other type of dogs.

All the collections, created in a minimalist and fashionable style are intended as an extension of the Dachshund owner's sense of style. 

The brand name LUDO-MOI, ≪ LUDO ≫ for Ludovico and ≪ MOI ≫ meaning 'me' in French, represents the unbreakable and special bond between Ludo and Alessandra or between all Dachshunds and their owners, which can be felt and appreciated through every single LUDOMOI product.

Every item is named after a famous Parisian street, as an homage to Paris, the capital of the world in fashion, design and elegance. It is an exclusive brand, a voyage between Milan and Paris, to offer you the best for your Dachshund.

You can shop Ludomoi online on www.ludomoipretasortir.com, and in the best luxury pet boutiques in Paris and Forte dei Marmi.